Christopher’s Cakes Kirrawee

580 Princes Hwy, Sutherland NSW 2232, Australia

About Christopher’s Cakes Kirrawee

4.6 / 5

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    Steve Isles
    February 02, 2021

    A great cafe with friendly staff. There's a gpod selection of cakes and pastries and the coffee is good, hot or iced.. Being right amongst the supermarkets , we go there regularly as a pit stop on the way home.

    Anna C
    March 15, 2021

    Visited this cake shop twice on Saturday, outstanding service both times!!! To the lady that served me the 2nd time, can't thank you enough!!! 💜 My card declined eftpos payment 3 times, I was so embarrassed, surprised the card did not work & went to hand the treat back. The lady did not judge me, she showed so much patience, empathy, kindness & even paid for my treat!!! It was delicious & had fresh cream. Will be back visiting with friends soon, will be telling everyone I know to visit & highly recommend everyone else to visit & enjoy their cakes!!! 😁

    Tayla Roach
    April 24, 2021

    Ordered only two take away coffees and a small cake, the cafe seemed relatively busy however still manageable with the 4 people they had staffed. The three girls working all seemed incredibly rude, none of them smiled or made me feel welcomed. I saw one of the girls interact with another table and just drop their coffees and ignore them when they asked for something. When one girl gave me my coffees, she had made the wrong one. I told her and she took it out of my hands, dropped it straight in the bin and started making the right one with a terrible attitude. The fourth person working was a small boy who looked like he could have been 12. He seemed pleasant but I really don’t think him working was legal. The girls were all unapproachable and I don’t think I’d go back after that experience.

    Tyron Alphonso
    January 23, 2021

    Ordered a cake 4 days in advance for 31st night of 2020. Paid full money upfront. Well!! Well.!! Very disappointing service. On the day of the pick up. Someone rang me to say that cake is not ready at my specified time that I mentioned. However, Could be available little later. Fair enough!! Understand that. Anyway, I then went over to the shop and asked for my cake. All they gave me is cake that was low in quality and not to the original design that I had ordered. As a result, I questioned, Why is this so?. One of the staff replied saying. "Well!! its new years eve and we are busy so eXpect such things"...(REALLY??). Then I said, I ordered so many days ago, then she replied, "Well, bad luck"...(REALLY??). And apologized very rudely. EXtremely unprofessional. I would not recommend anyone to visit there. PLEASE!!! Please try other coffee shops that are so amazing and good customer service. I AM VERY UPSET ON YOU GUYS

    Helen Brown
    August 27, 2020

    I did not want to give any stars to this business but it is necessary if you want to post. As a unit owner and resident of South Village Kirrawee, I was given a badge by Mirvac (managers of the shopping centre) entitling me to discount at selected stores in the shopping centre and this cake shop was one of them. However when I have shown my discount badge on the last 2 occasions (3 weeks apart) the discount was rejected each time by the same assistant and the reason given was that the discount button on the register was not working. I requested that the discount (only 50c) be deducted manually and be recorded on paper and placed in the register so when it was balanced at the end of the day it would be apparent why the final tally might come up short. It took several minutes to persuade the assistant to agree to do it this way. This is appalling customer service and I am not going to waste my valuable time arguing with staff over a discount service myself and any other owner with the SV Badge is entitled to. Christophers Cakes entered into an arrangement with Mirvac Centre Management to provide a discount service to their customers and it is dishonest NOT to honour it. I have spoken to other owners who have told me they have had the same treatment. So the result achieved by this stupid excuse of "the discount button on the register doesn't work" is that I refuse to buy from Christophers Cakes anymore. I am also informing Mirvac that their tenant, Christophers Cakes, is not complying with the discount arrangement. There is a very good bakery in Oak Road whose pies whose pies and pastries are fresher, tastier and cheaper than Christopher's Cakes. I only ever used Christopher's cakes when it was raining or too cold to walk to the Oak Road bakery and I now recommend this bakery to everybody. Maybe the empty tables I observe at Christophers Cakes, at what should be busy times, are more due to their attitude than Covid-19.

    Christopher’s Cakes Kirrawee

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    580 Princes Hwy, Sutherland NSW 2232, Australia

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